Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Last post

This is my last post on blogspot.
Reason is i updated my site with Wordpress so now i have my portfolio and blog running in the same spot.
It's easier to manage plus it's a clearer set-up.

Address is still the same, www.kwills.com
See you there!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Angel supercharged

Supercharged.TV did an interview with Angel a.k.a. PJ Frith member of TBH.
This man taught me how to draw properly at my internship at TBH-Q (props go out to ICE too for digitizing artwork and colouring).
Respect the Architects.

Angel [TBH]

Friday, February 18, 2011


Thanks to Paul Clappers for this little entertaining clip of me sketching the New Balance 1500 shoe at Solemart 2011.


This is a graphic for Solemart that sadly didn't get used but i've integrated it on my latest businesscard.

On Solemart i did a few canvases of the most favorite sneakers for people.

Also i'm proud to present a collaboration with VandalComX from Amsterdam.
It is on sale through Tjunk.com.

Solemart graphics

As i wrote in the previous post, a lot was going on.
With Solemart taking up most of the time but it was really worth it.
Funnest & biggest project i have worked on.


Banners for the frontside of the building:

T-shirt & cap:

Painting for a raffle:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quick one

Solemart 2011 in Eindhoven was a blast!
Thank you to everyone who took their time out to visit/buy/trade/browse/swap/chill, we are thankful.

There are a few sizes left in Solemart t-shirts and LE-caps so if you're interested, please visit my webshop.

I have so many more things to show but don't have the time right now to post them.
Please be patient with me, i will post it asap.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Daily Essentials

On several websites and social-media sites i've seen numerous photographs passing by depicting the daily essentials people have on them.
I remember a TV-show where passers-by were asked to empty their pockets or bag to show what they were carrying around, with interesting results i might add.
These are my essentials:

The North Face Surge-backpack to carry an extra pair of shoes and lunchbox when i have to work at the store, Moleskine sketch-/notebook for quick little doodles and brainfarts, bankcard-holder which holds the important ones, Blackberry Bold 9700, keys so i can lock my house and bike and get back in again, iPod touch 8GB with assorted tunes, stylus Intuos2 for mostly Photoshop & Illustrator work, Artline 0.8 drawingpen when i'm outlining my sketches and finals, Nixon 51-30 watch, Fiat500 carkey, Pentel Techniclick G 0.5 for sketching using non-repro blue fills and sketch blackbook for bigger ideas.